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Landscape Design and Installation

At Rootnote Landscape Solutions, our designs combine color, texture, and geometric spacing to create living atmospheres of positive energy. We offer a variety of services to transform your property into a stimulating oasis including landscape design, construction, and installation. At Rootnote Landscaping Solutions, plants are our forte. We put a premium value on the correct site to species relationship that creates enjoyment and sustainability.  We will custom design your landscape, taking into consideration things like climate, maintenance, soil, topography, and budget, ensuring that you have a landscape that will bring you enjoyment for years to come. Whether it is planting flower beds or gardens, we can install the most efficient landscape for you and your property. Call us today at 734-660-0192 for a free quote or to learn more about our custom landscape design and installation services.

Seasonal Mulching and Landscape Maintenance

Seasonal mulching keeps your plants healthy and your beds looking fresh. Our team can mulch your flower and plant beds for an affordable price. Whether you are adding mulch for the first time, or adding mulch to an area that was previously mulched, our team will have your yard looking fresh for the entire season. We also do seasonal maintenance for fall and spring. Our experienced crew mulches, and the owner Zach handles the pruning. Call us today for a free quote or to schedule mulching services.

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Expert Tree Planting and Care

Have you been considering adding some trees to your property? We are known for intriguing and inspiring plant choices that speak to the space that is available. Whether you are looking for a decorative element or for shade, trees add beauty and health to your yard. Our expert can help you select the proper trees for your yard, the right place to get them planted and install them correctly, AND we have a 94% survival rate on all the trees we plant.

In addition to custom tree planting, we also offer tree maintenance. Trimming and pruning trees properly is critical to their proper growth and health. Our experts will evaluate your trees, trim, shape and prune them needed, ensuring they look beautiful for years to come.

Call us today for expert tree planting and maintenance services at 734-660-0192.

Plant and Tree Nursery Sales

Need trees, shrubs or plants for your property? If you're looking for a specific plant or tree, we have the ability to special order them for you and we can schedule an appointment for you to visit the nursery. We offer plant and tree nursery sales and can help you pick out the perfect plants and trees for your yard. Count on our expert to help you pick the perfect plant! Call us today!

Custom Fieldstone Boulder Walls

Count on our boulder wall specialist at Rootnote Landscape solutions for all your boulder wall construction needs. Custom fieldstone boulder walls blend into the natural environment, add depth to your landscaping, and help retain soil. Our expert will select the perfect combination of natural boulders, stones, and fieldstone, and build you a wall that will last for years to come. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

Earth Smart Integrity Solutions

At the end of the day, creating oxygen through the beautification and maximization of plants is an unforeseen dividend of our work that we take seriously. We literally "plant life" and with that comes a responsibility to not destroy life in the process. That is why Rootnote fertilizes and enhances with 100% organic options. We use fantastic, natural, plant-based products that have led to an incredible survival rate, extended bloom time and overall health and vigor. Better yet, we use local Michigan made products, which we can sell to you directly.

butterfly way stations

In addition, we also prefer the manual practices of sod removal and weed pulling as opposed to the heavy use of chemical laden weed removers or unnecessary synthetic fertilizers. Rootnote has a commitment to the Earth and its future! Call us today at 734-660-0192.

Wildflower Meadows and Butterfly Way Stations

Do you have a large area of undeveloped land on your property? Don't mow it! Turn it into a beautiful, pollinator-friendly habitat! Wildflower meadows require less maintenance and provide a valuable asset to the environment by giving bees, birds, butterflies a place to live, while you enjoy the natural beauty. Additionally, it provides a place for butterflies, such as Monarch butterflies, a place to rest and reproduce, ensuring their survival and successful migration on a yearly basis. Call us to learn more about creating your own wildflower meadow or butterfly way station today.

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